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— Created in Berlin —

Carry bags of various types and sizes safely on your bike
  • Ideal for shopping, work and leisure
  • Good bike stability and control
  • Easy to install and use

Lean & Simple

Easily install your Hangload to any standard bike rack. No tools needed, no moving parts. Once set up, the theft-proof Hangload simply stays on your bike.


Carry more

Hangload’s safe and durable system allows you to carry almost anything on your bike—grocery bags, backpacks, or travel bags, even drink crates.


A safer ride

Using the sturdy Hangload frames ensures good bicycle control and keeps your luggage at a safe distance from your bike’s spokes and pedals. No more dangling bags from the handle bars!

As seen on:

A patented bicycle loadmaster

The alternative to a pannier bag for carrying bigger loads

The system is quickly attached to the rack and prevents contact of tires and the transported object

No need to carry bags and plastic bags on the handlebars anymore