What is Hangload?

Hangload and its components

Hangload is a bag carrier for bicycles that can carry many different types of bags easily and safely, increasing freedom, flexibility and convenience.

It is not a container, like a bicycle basket or a bicycle bag, but more like an attachable side-rack. Hangload opens up many more possibilities as to the size, type and shape of bags that can be transported by bicycle. It can carry very large bags.

A Hangload consists of 3 parts: A unibody steel frame (1) with banner, which is attached by elasticated cords (2) to the side of the bike rack to keep your bag at a safe distance from the bike’s chain, spokes, and pedals, and a strong wooden toggle (3), to hang bags of various shapes and sizes.

Fitting instructions: How to attach Hangload with our toggle&cord system

Our unique toggle&cord system is easy to use, has been tested thoroughly with heavy weights and is extremely robust and suitable for its purpose (watch the video to see how easy it works).

The Hangload can be fitted onto either or both sides of a bicycle rack. It provides a lean and elegant alternative to pannier bike bags or bike baskets.

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Frequently asked questions

Why Hangload?

Hangload is a unique, new and inexpensive alternative for carrying bags and rucksacks on the bicycle. Bicycle baskets and bags are useful, but can restrict the type of bag or load that can be transported.

Hangload is different: it provides a lean system to carry all types of bags of various shapes and sizes, or even drink crates. With Hangload, any bag can be a bicycle bag.

The Hangload components look uncommon, please explain?

In developing the Hangload many elements, materials and components were tested. It was probably Darius’ experience with sailing knots and equipment that helped him develop the robust and adjustable toggle used together with the bungee cords, which fasten with a simple knotting procedure (easier than tying shoe laces). We call this system toggle&cord.

These fitting means are unique to Hangload prove most effective, strong and easy to use. They provide an additional and useful function for securing the bags further that no other embodiments can match—the Ariana technique:

Who's behind the Hangload?

The Hangload system was developed by Darius Hajiani. He is of English-Iranian background, lives in Berlin, and was looking for a better way to transport grocery bags by bicycle. After researching, experimenting with different materials, and testing extensively, he came up with the Hangload system.

Created and developed in Berlin, Hangload was a finalist at the Innovationspreis Berlin Brandenburg and garnered media interest.

When exhibiting at the acclaimed VeloBerlin Expo, Hangload generated much interest and requests from the public and bicycle shops in Berlin.

Do you ship to my country and how much does it cost?

We ship worldwide with the exception of United States and Canada. At the moment we offer the following rates:

  • Germany: € 4.15
  • EU: € 10
  • Worldwide: € 20

Which payment methods do you support?

We support the most common credit cards, PayPal and SOFORT in our online shop. If you want to pay in advance via bank transfer, just fill up our order form and we’ll get right back to you with our bank details.

How is the Hangload attached?

The Hangload comes with a toggle and durable bungee cords. Attaching it to your bike takes under a minute and requires no tools or technical skills. Detailed printed descriptions are included in the package. Check out the video above to see how a Hangload is installed in real-time, or check out this PDF.

When should I NOT use the Hangload?

  • When your bicycle wheels are smaller than 24 inches — Hangload only works on bikes with wheels of 24 inches or larger.
  • When you have a mountain bike rack. Most mountain bike racks are only connected to the seat stay and usually have a 10 kg carrying capacity. Hangload only works with standard racks that are also connected to the rear wheel axle and have larger load capacity.
  • When your bicycle rack/carrier is broken or fitted incorrectly — the carrier of your rack should be parallel to the ground when fitted correctly.
  • When your bag is weak or damaged, or its handle does not fit onto the Hangload toggle properly. Make sure your bags are strong enough.
  • Hangload is not to be used in conjunction with bicycle child seats.

Where on a bicycle can I attach a Hangload?

Hangload is specifically designed to be attached to a bike’s rear rack or carrier.

Do not mount it on the seat post carrier or the front rack.

How is the Hangload best positioned on a bike rack?

The design of the Hangload makes it easy to move according to your needs, e.g. taller people would want to slide it a bit further back to avoid interfering with their pedalling.

How much weight can a Hangload carry?

Hangload is sturdy, whether using only one or one on each side it can carry up to the maximum weight that your fitted luggage-rack is designed to carry. This is usually 25-30kg max. Please check your rack carrying capacity.

How can I protect my Hangload from getting stolen?

Hangload is made of one closed steel frame with no bolts or screws attached. Just pass your bike lock or chain through the Hangload frame when locking your bike as shown below.

Hangload locked

What type of bags can I use with a Hangload?

Hangload is ideal for carrying various bags and city-rucksacks in all shapes and sizes. It works best with bags with a soft handle.

Can Hangload work with bags that have straps but no handle?

Mostly yes, check out this video for an example:

Which materials are used?

Hangload uses sustainable materials. The light and simple design ensures an efficient use of raw materials and energy consumption in the process. Tha materials used are:

  • Frame: 100% stainless steel with perbunan tubing
  • Textile: Oxford nylon tarp (80% nylon, 20% polyurethane)
  • Attachments: 2 Bungee cords (polypropylene) with rustproof cord clips
  • Toggle: Beech wood, 2 rustproof D rings, polyacryl webbing straps